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Welcome 👋

We're MeowcaTheoRange (miau-kuh-thee~oh-ray~nj).
We're a web developer, Fediverse enthusiast, and compulsory Minnesotan.

We run this domain and all of the services on it!




My favourite hobbies are programming, drawing, occasionally making small bits of music, obsessing over fonts, and being pedantic.

You may see parts of all of these aspects within this website. Please tread carefully.

Some other important things I think you should know about me are...

I believe in...

Check me out on:

What's on this domain?

Here's a quick list of all of the web services on this domain right now.

Planned services

What I would like to put on this domain sometime in the future.

Current Obsessions

I'm into a lot of stuff. As of this site's publication, you'll probably see me indulging in:

and possibly much more that I can't even remember.

Want to know more? Below is my display of some of these things in sections. Enjoy!


I like using what some call "programming languages".

What do I call them? None of your business. All you have to know is that I use TypeScript, React, and Haxe.

I also know JavaScript and some Bash in case of emergency.


I also like UI and UI design. This includes fonts, quite a bit.

Currently, I'm liking the look of Renogare, Lexend Deca, and Space Grotesk. This may change.

I first used Space Grotesk for general-purpose applications. This was on my old portfolio site and it's on TrollCall right now. I think it just fits TrollCall; it's quirky, geometric, a bit alien - it's right at home with the intended vibe of the site.

On this website, I'm using Renogare as a header/title font, and Lexend Deca for everything else.

I found Renogare while playing Celeste - yaknow, the game where you climb a huge mountain for a few days?

Renogare is a bold, geometric, display-optimized font. It's super cool and I am in love with how it looks.

Lexend Deca is a very strong second to Renogare, primarily used when I can't use Renogare, shouldn't use Renogare, or am using Renogare but need something that isn't Renogare.

Lexend Deca is similar-looking to Renogare, with a few major differences. Lexend Deca loses the geometry, instead opting for a beamed I, flat-top A, M, N, et al. t loses its curve, instead going straight down.

It also has different weights and proper OTF support - plus a bonus series of different letter spacing choices under the Lexend name. Deca is the tightest, which is why I chose it.

All in all, Lexend Deca is a good general-purpose font, while still leaving room for Renogare to be a great display font.




Lexend Deca


Space Grotesk


Artistry usually includes writing and drawing. These are the purposes for my blog and my public gallery.


I don't really have strict branding guidelines, but I do have a few important rules if you would like to refer to me in a professional or formal context.


If you would like to refer to me online, you'll usually be able to use my username MeowcaTheoRange. If that's too long, you can always shorten it to MTR.

Please make sure to keep the styling. It's MeowcaTheoRange, not MeowcatHeOrange, MeowcaTheOrange, nor Meowca Theo Range.

The styling meowcatheorange is OK if necessary.

If you would like to refer to me in a more professional context, my name Iszac or the moniker Theo Range will work just as well.

If you are a local organization and would like to refer to me by my legal name, please contact me and we can probably figure something out.
Local means within Minnesota, by the way.


If you would like to use colours to refer to me, whether that be the primary color on a card or the color of my name, I recommend you use these colours:

Iszac Blue


Rocco Orange
Primary Negative


Iszac Blue is literally Rocco Orange but inverted. This colour is named after Iszac, an OC of mine that I came up with, for the setting of Ætherglow.
...and then I shortly named myself after said character...
If you were to use any of these colours to represnt me as a person, use this one.

Rocco Orange is my favourite colour orange, but now more red. The name comes from my character Rocco, whose hair is this colour - though this colour has been applied to more characters like BLEND-1020.
If you were to use any of these colours to represnt me as an entity, use this one whenever possible.

Grape Soda


Avalonian Waste
Secondary Negative


Grape Soda represents my love for grape soda.
My favourite is Fanta Grape. :]

Avalonian Waste is also literally Grape Soda but inverted. This represents some old lore that I'm still screwing with.